Things to do in Bali with Kids

There are loads of fun things to do in Bali with Kids! Our suggestions of kids activities in Bali will keep you busy and having fun on your family holiday.

Things to do in Bali with kids

Bali is one of our favourite places for a family vacation. Before kids we would hang out in one of the beach bars and shop in the boutiques of Seminyak.

But nowadays we are all about finding lots of fun things to do in Bali with kids. Funny how life changes, eh?

I decided to do a bit of crowdsourcing for this Bali for families article. We have enjoyed lots of fun kids activities in Bali, but I know we have only scratched the surface when it comes to what to do in Bali with kids.

So I have asked around my fellow travel bloggers and asked them what their favourite things were they did during a family trip to Bali Indonesia.

They’ve come up with some fantastic ideas for your next Bali holiday with kids – from visiting temples in Ubud, to whizzing down water slides in Kuta there are loads of fantastic family activities in Bali.

No wonder it is one of the most popular places in Asia for a family holiday.

Bali for kids

If you are looking for adventurous things to do in Bali, we’ve got you covered too – with suggestions for white water rafting, biking, snorkelling and more.

If you are looking for something more cultural, then how about fishing on a local jukong boat, watching the traditional Barong and Kecak dances or learning to make traditional Batik prints?

Whatever kind of Bali family vacation you are looking for, we have some great suggestions of things to do in Bali with family. Read on for more!

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Waterbom Bali

Bradley from Dream Big, Travel Far

Ever since I was a kid, I have always loved waterparks! As such, when we visited Bali a couple years back, I knew straight away that we had to go to Waterbom.

This large outdoor waterpark is located in the heart of Kuta and is easily one of the best things to do in Bali for people of all ages … but is especially good if you are visting Bali with children!

Waterbom Bali with kids

This Bali water park contains a wide variety of rides, but all of the most enjoyable ones are perfect for kids as well as adults, such as the large lazy river that runs around the park. A great way to cool off and relax in the hot Indonesian sun.

If you are looking for things to do in Bali with toddlers or young kids, they have a dedicated children’s play area, complete with slides and even a giant 10 gallon bucket that tips out every few minutes or so.

Waterbom has been widely rated as one of the top 2 or 3 waterparks in the world, and it really is no surprise why.

The staff there are so incredibly friendly and they have plenty of practical facilities for families, such as large private changing rooms, lockers and a payment band that you can top up with cash, so you don’t need to worry about carrying money around the park with you.

Click here to book discounted tickets to Waterbom Bali.


Uluwatu Temple and Kecak Dance

Astrid from The Wandering Daughter

If you are interested in learning about the local culture during your Bali family tour, a visit to Uluwatu Temple is one of the best places to visit in Bali.

This beautiful sacred temple offers amazing views of the Indian Ocean and the temple structure is fun for kids to walk around and explore.

Another reason Uluwatu Temple is one of the most popular Bali tourist attractions is that you can catch a sunset performance of the Kecak Dance here – a trance ritual performed by fifty or more male dancers.

Kecak Dance Bali

The dance revolves around the story of the Ramayana, a Hindu epic popular throughout Bali. It depicts the battle of the monkey god, Hanuman, against the evil King Ravana.

Kids who watch the Kecak Dance at the Uluwatu Temple will love the drama and liveliness of the performance. The men’s percussive chants and expressive arm movements imitate the sounds of monkeys in the forest.

When visiting Uluwatu Temple, be sure to dress appropriately. Women, men, and even kids must wear long pants, a skirt, or a sarong. Additionally, as Uluwatu Temple is built on a cliff, parents should be careful to keep kids away from the edge when walking around the temple.

Click here to book a tour to Uluwatu Temple for the Sunset Kecak Dance.

Tegalalang Rice Terraces

Melissa from Thrifty Family Travels

If you’re visiting Ubud with kids then I highly recommend taking a trip to the Tegalalang Rice Terraces. Just a 25-minute drive from Ubud, these terraces are famous for their beautiful scenes of rice paddies as far as your eyes can see, and are one of the best places to visit in Bali with family.

Once you arrive at the rice terraces you can either admire the view from the roadside, or take a walk through them.

Tagalalang Rice Terraces Bali with kids

If you are planning a walk through the terraces, be sure to arrive early in the morning or late in the afternoon, as it does tend to get pretty hot during the middle of the day. Also be prepared, as there are quite a few steps down into the rice terraces as well as back up again.

This is one of the best places in Bali for families on a bit of a budget, as there is no entrance fee, just a small 20,000 IDR parking fee (around $1.50 USD).

You can easily visit the Tegalalang Rice Terraces from your accommodation in Ubud or as part of a day trip if you are staying in the coastal areas such as Seminyak with kids.

You can visit the Tegalalang Rice Terraces together with the Monkey Forest in Ubud (below) on this fun family Bali tour.

Sacred Ubud Monkey Forest

Halef from The Round the World Guys

If you are looking for things to do in Ubud, in the heart of the town you will find a lush green patch of forest that provides a stark contrast to the surrounding commercial structures.

It’s the Sacred Ubud Monkey Forest, a sanctuary for native Balinese monkeys who are honoured and protected here.

Other than stunning landscape and moss-covered bridges, temples, and colourful offerings, the reason this is one of the most popular Bali places to visit, is the monkeys.

Ubud Monkey Forest

After all, who doesn’t like to watch cheeky monkeys performing their daily routines? These monkeys never cease to amaze kids of all ages, so be sure to add this to your itinerary if you are travelling to Bali with kids.

As a general rule, do not try to approach the monkeys and/or to touch them. Be sure that you tell your kids and always keep them in sight. Monkeys can be aggressive, especially the protective monkey mothers with their young babies.

Another tip is not to wear loose accessories that may attract curious monkey thieves. No earrings or jewellery, and no dangling sunglasses. While you can purchase “monkey food” inside the compound to feed them, they can also smell food inside your pockets or bags, so make sure not to bring food with you.

You can visit the Monkey Forest together with the Tegalalang Rice Terraces (above) on this fun family Bali tour.

White Water Rafting in Ubud

Sara from Our Kind of Crazy

Bali has become one of our favourite places, and we are just dying to go back. It’s the perfect trip for families as there are so many things for kids to do in Bali.

One fun activity we found was a white water rafting excursion from Ubud. We were picked up in these really awesome convertible cars, and headed to the river.

White water rafting in Bali with kids

We were given all the equipment we would need, including helmets and life vests, and took a trek down to the water. It was such a fun trip heading down the rapids.

Part of the way, we had some fast rapids that made for a fun ride, and the other part was very relaxing as we enjoyed the scenery all around.

There’s always a guide in your raft, so you don’t have to worry about being in control, and the rapids were not bad at all, so it is definitely suitable for children. (Most tour operators will take kids from aged 7 and above for this kid friendly Bali tour).

If you’re looking for fun outdoor activities to do in Bail, we recommend checking out a water rafting trip!

Click here to view and book White Water Rafting tours in Bali.

Bali Bird Park

Vrushali from Couple of Journeys

One of the best attractions in Bali for family fun is the Bali Bird Park. Given that the park is just about an hour’s drive away from most tourist hubs, the commute doesn’t tire restless kids.

The Bird Park is also well laid-out and is stroller-friendly, making it one of the easiest family things to do in Bali with babies and toddlers.

The park is divided into regions recreating the natural habitat of birds and allowing kids to see a large variety of birds such as parrots, flamingos, pelicans as well as some caged wild birds. It also organises engaging bird-shows round the clock showcasing the skills of birds and also educating curious minds.

Bird Park Bali with Kids

This Bali attraction for kids has an in-house restaurant offering both local and international dishes, thus taking care of kids who are fussy eaters!

The Guyu-Guyu corner in the park is an absolute favourite among kids as here they get to click pictures with birds on their hands and shoulders!

Also, do note that the ticket to this park allows access to the adjoining reptile park. The reptile park has some interesting exhibits of snakes, lizards and the famous Komodo dragon!

Click here to buy discounted tickets to the Bali Bird Park.

Bali Bike Riding Tour

Kate from Rolling Along with Kids

One of my favourite family activities in Bali we have done together is a bike riding tour near Ubud.

Our family chose Ubud Cycling Bike tour and from the moment we were picked up it was fantastic. We visited a school, a coffee plantation, Mt Batur lookout, and a family compound, before jumping on the bikes to ride through the countryside of Bali.

Biking Riding Tour in Ubud with Kids

We had a range of ages in our family friendly Bali private group tour, from 18 months old to 8 years of age and everyone was so well catered for. They followed us with a bus so if anyone needed a break from riding it was easy to do.

Baby/toddler seats were included as well as bikes for kids. If the kids weren’t confident with riding they could jump onto the back of a bike and still enjoy the experience.

We finished with lunch at a local warung overlooking the rice fields near Ubud and all agreed it was an amazing day.

Click here to find family friendly bike tours in Bali.

Fishing with local on a traditional Balinese jukung boat

Nicole from The Passport Kids

We were fortunate enough to spend an entire month in Bali on our world trip, and one of the best experiences we had during our Bali family holidays was spending half a day fishing on a traditional Balinese fishing boat called a jukung(canoe).

The kids loved hopping into these brightly coloured boats that line the beaches and the boat trip itself was an experience the kids loved. These boats are nothing like we had ever been on before and being able to feel how they glided on the water was remarkable.

Fishing Tour in Bali with Kids

Our guide was a third generation fisherman and shared his knowledge about the waters, fishing, landscape and culture in an authentic Balinese experience. The early morning departure also allowed us to enjoy the views of the island with the morning sunrise and tranquillity of the water.

If you are lucky enough to catch a few fish, the local fisherman will help you find someone to cook the fish for lunch on the beach on your return!

Watch the Barong Dance

Lisa from Flip Flop Globetrotters

Traditional dance is a part of Balinese culture, and experiencing it is one of the best things to do in Bali with kids.

When we were on Nusa Lembongan our host at Taos House told us there would be a Barong Dance ceremony and we should go. Eager to experience Balinese culture and the native dances we did. And what an experience it was! This is definitely a must do in Bali.

Our host kept calling it trance dance and we found out why quite quickly. It was very impressive. More so, because some people in the audience became ‘possessed’ and had to be rescued by the priests. Wow!

Barong Dance Bali with Kids

Barong dance is a traditional drama dance, telling the story of the fight of good versus evil.

Barong, the lion, fights the evil witch Rangda until the balance is restored. Barong’s followers attack Rangda with their keris (knifes). This part is also called Keris Dance. She then uses her magical powers to make them fall into a trance and forces them to use their daggers on themselves.

Meanwhile Barong and his priests cast protective magic to keep them from getting stabbed. The dance is accompanied by live gamelan music and the whole performance is quite an experience.

If you have the option, skip the tourist shows and find a local Barong Dance ceremony.

If you’re visiting Bali with kids I think it pays to tell them the story upfront, so they know what’s happening. I nursed our 2-year old asleep half way through, but for young kids it might be a bit frightening as it’s quite expressive. Older kids will love this colorful and dramatic dance.

Snorkeling in Bali with kids

Cerise from Enchanted Vagabond

Families seeking adventure in Bali will enjoy spending a day on a local ‘spider’ boat snorkelling and exploring the aquamarine waters off of Bali’s coastline.

Snorkelling with kids is one of the top things to do in Bali and is a great way to bond as a family, while discovering clownfish, sea turtles and lots of tangs and parrotfish.

Snorkelling in Bali with Kids

Padang Bai and the famous Blue Lagoon on Bali’s southeast coast is where to go in Bali for a great snorkelling experience. The water is warm and the current is calm in this protected area.

There are several dive shops offer snorkelling and diving trips for families. We had an experienced, English-speaking guide, a buoy, kid-sized equipment and wetsuits, snacks on the boat and an excellent Balinese lunch at a local restaurant.

Snorkelling in Bali with kids is a day together you will remember for a long time!

Click here to book Snorkelling at Padang Bai and Blue Lagoon.

Seafood dinner at Jimbaran

Sharon from Dive into Malaysia

Having a seafood dinner on the beach at Jimbaran is the perfect Bali family activity because it has something for everyone.

For the parents (and seafood loving kids), there is great seafood to have here.

Jimbaran beach is set up with a long line of seafood restaurants right on the beach, making it one of the best beaches in Bali for families looking for an alfresco dinner. There are quite a few options to pick from and some delicious seafood platters to eat.

Jimbaran seafood restaurants Bali

For kids, there is the beach. Since you sit right on the beach, it’s easy to build sandcastles next to the table or to play in the sea.

Many people come out to this Bali beach as the day approaches sunset and it has a great vibe. This makes for a very stress-free and fun dinner with the best seafood you can find on the island.

Jimbaran beach also tends to be a lot cleaner than other beaches in southern Bali and is just a short taxi ride from areas like Kuta, Legian and Nusa Dua.

My biggest tip is to make sure you take your bathers and a change of clothes. Our kids ended up very wet! We ate at the Intan Sari Cafe.

Make your own batik print

Cerise from Enchanted Vagabond

On your next family holiday in Bali, try joining a workshop to learn the ancient Indonesian craft of making your own batik print.

Learning how to create a batik print using warm wax, natural dyes and cotton cloth is a fantastic way to introduce your kids to one of Bali’s oldest cultural traditions, while sitting alongside artisans who have perfected their techniques.

Printing Batik in Bali with Kids

Several batik shops in Bali offer 2 – 3-hour sessions such as the workshop I did recently with Batik Popiler. You will also find lots of other creative activities there such as coconut oil making and jewellery classes.

The process starts by choosing a template design, and then slowly painting the fabric with a tool called a ‘canting’ that drips hot wax slowly onto the fabric.

Using natural dyes, the kids had a lot of fun painting their fabric and then washing it for a surprise reveal that makes all the colors pop!

We took home our artwork as a treasured souvenir, along with big smiles and a sense of discovery.

Click here to book a Batik Making Class.

Wow! What a great round up of Things to do in Bali with Kids! Have fun!

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