The Best Backyard Games for Kids

Here we share the best backyard games for kids to help parents facing quarantine to keep their kids entertained at home. Have fun!

The last time I had to keep my daughter quarantined was when she two years old and contracted hand, foot & mouth. We had to be keep her out of pre-school for 2 weeks and avoid her socialising with anyone.

Best Backyard games for kids

We were living in an apartment at the time and it was tough to keep her entertained constantly. Then a friend lent me a water play table and my life suddenly became a lot easier. She spent hours playing with that thing!

Fast forward 7 years to 2020 and we are suddenly facing another quarantine situation. Thankfully now we have a back yard rather than a balcony and the kids are older so there are more things they can play with.

So I have been researching to find some of the best yard games for kids to keep them entertained over the coming weeks and months.

I have tried to include games to suit all ages, from toddler backyard games to those suitable for teens and adults.

Stomp Rocket

My first pick of backyard toys for kids is the stomp rocket. My kid have had hours of fun playing with this. Take it to the beach or park or just play with it in the back yard.

Just beware the rockets can go really high and can easily end up on the roof or in the neighbour’s yard!

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Paddling Pool

Don’t have a swimming pool to keep the kids entertained? A good old fashioned paddling pool is still a great substitute, especially on hot days.

Younger kids will just be happy splashing around, while older kids can make up an array of fun summer yard games to play in it.

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Spike Ball

Spike ball is not a cheap outdoor game, but it is worth the investment as it is one of the most fun yard games out there, and the kids will love it.

Kind of like a cross between handball and volleyball, this game is seriously addictive, is great for hand eye co-ordination and fitness and most importantly will keep the kid entertained for hours.

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Swing Ball

Swing ball is one of the most popular backyard kid games. It is always a hit and your kids can continue to practise their tennis swing, even when lessons are cancelled.

You don’t need a lot of space for this fun backyard tennis game and it is great for kids’ hand eye co-ordination.

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Bubble Machine

One of the best backyard toys for toddlers, a bubble machine will have them chasing bubbles to their heart’s content and save you from having to blow them all!

They come in a range of cute designs. Just don’t forget to order extra bubble mixture.

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Skipping Rope

A great option for a cheap activity in the backyard for kids. Skipping ropes will help with kids agility and fitness as well as being a lot of fun.

Come up with challenges, learn some skipping games… and parents can use it to get fit too!

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Elastic Jump Rope

This is another great option for cheap backyard fun games. I spent hours playing this as a kid and I’ve recently introduced it to my kids too.

Great for fitness and fun – you can even play alone by attaching it to chairs or other objects.

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Quoits or Ring Toss

Good old fashioned fun! This outdoor throwing game has kept generations of kids entertained.

This backyard family game is great for kids of all ages and you can introduce handicaps so that younger and older kids can play together. It can also be brought indoors on rainy days.

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Similar to ring toss, and just as much fun. Who can get the beanbag into the hole? We have played this fun backyard game with both kids and adults and everybody loves it.

Like Ring Toss, you can easily handicap this game to make it even for players of all ages and ability. 

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Downball or Handball

Downball or handball is all the craze at my kids’ primary school. It’s a great game for hand-eye co-ordination and lots of fun too.

Use pavement chalk (see below) or tape to mark out a downball court on your patio or balcony without damaging it.

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If you have the space and money then a trampoline is the ultimate for backyard fun for kids. Do your research before you buy one to ensure you get one that is not only safe for your kids but that will last as they grow up. Don’t just opt for the cheapest one!

Make sure you measure up your yard properly to ensure you get the right size. You can also get fun accessories for trampolines like basketball hoops to add to the fun.

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Sidewalk Chalk

Let the kid get creative and decorate your outdoor space without the worry of permanently defacing your property!

Set creative drawing challenges, play DIY outdoor games like tic, tac toe or hopscotch, or just let the kids imaginations run wild.

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Badiminton is another great outdoor backyard game for for hand-eye co-ordination. You will need a fairly large outdoor space to use the net properly, but even without it kids can practise hitting the shuttlecock to one another.

Look for a portable badminton set so you can also take it to the beach or park for get togethers with friends.

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Bocce Ball

Bocce, bocci, boules, petanque, bowls… whatever you want to call it, it’s a lot of fun and is one of the best lawn games for kids and adults alike.

Easy to play in the backyard on the lawn or take it with you to the beach or park. 

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Water Table

A water table is a great outdoor activity for toddlers. They will spend hours tipping water in and out of containers and having fun getting wet.

Plus it’s way easier to clean up than painting!

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