The Best Hong Kong Apps for Visitors

All the best Hong Kong apps for travel to Hong Kong, including Hong Kong travel apps such as an MTR app, Hong Kong food app, and a Hong Kong taxi app.

Where would we be without our smartphones when travelling these days? From sorting out our transportation, to finding restaurants and using online maps, smartphones have changed the way we travel irreversibly.

Best Hong Kong apps

Like many big cities, it can take time to get to know Hong Kong, so having a good selection of Hong Kong apps on your phone can make a real difference to making the most of your Hong Kong trip.

Here we highlight the best Hong Kong apps. These include all the best apps for Hong Kong travel such as an MTR mobile app, bus app HK and taxi app HK, in addition to food apps, weather apps and even a Hong Kong hiking app.

My Hong Kong Guide

by Hong Kong Tourism Board

The My Hong Kong Guide app is the official app from the Hong Kong Tourism Board and has a wealth of information for tourists to Hong Kong.

More than 1,800 activities and attractions are featured on this Hong Kong travel app, including addresses and links to websites, plus information on nearby places.

You can also search through other people’s pre-planned multi-day guides and save them as your own, before tweaking and sharing with friends. An events guide keeps you up-to-date with all the latest goings-on in Hong Kong.

Download My Hong Kong Guide here

HK Taxi – Taxi hailing app

by HK Taxi App Limited

There are more than 18,000 taxis in Hong Kong. But if you have ever tried to hail a Hong Kong taxi in the rain, or after midnight in Lan Kwai Fong, then you will know that it is a dog-eat-dog world out there.

You need a Hong Kong taxi app and this one has saved me hours of queuing over the years.

HK taxi app

Download this app and you can smugly walk to the front of the queue and jump in a cab you have booked with the tap of a button from your phone.

Download the HK Taxi App here


by Uber Technologies, Inc

Another option for booking a ride on your phone is Uber, especially if you find yourself stranded with no cash in your pocket.

With Hong Kong Uber, you can choose from an UberX, which will be an ‘everyday’ car and similar cost to a taxi, an Uber Black if money is no object and you want to arrive in style, or an Uber XL for a larger ride for the whole family.

Hong Kong Taxi Translator

by Triple Happiness

It’s all very well and good securing your taxi, but not much help if you can’t make yourself understood by the driver once you’re inside.

Every now and then you will find a taxi driver who, despite your best Cantonese accent, will not understand the street name you are going to.

This is one of the best Hong Kong apps to have in your arsenal – use it to search among more than 3,000 streets, residential areas, buildings and sightseeing spots and create a flashcard in Chinese characters that the driver can read at a glance.

HKe Transport

by Transport Department, HKSA

One of the most useful apps for traveling in Hong Kong, this comprehensive Hong Kong transport department app helps you plan any route across Hong Kong using public transport, combining both a MTR mobile app and a Hong Kong bus app amongst others.

Simply type in your starting point and destination, and a selection of route and transport options will be given to you, including bus, tram, minibus, ferry and MTR, together with fare and estimated travel time.

Download HKe Transport here

MTR Tourist

by MTR Corporation Ltd

This is the best Hong Kong MTR app for visitors to the city. It makes visiting the major tourist attractions in Hong Kong via MTR (the city’s underground/subway system) a doddle.

Use this MTR trip planner app to choose the attraction you want to visit, and it will provide your route there via MTR, a map of the surrounding area and estimated journey time.

My Observatory hk

by Hong Kong Observatory

The weather in Hong Kong is fickle. One minute it will be brilliant sunshine, and the next you could be in a torrential downpour.

HK weather app

Keep your finger on the pulse with the Hong Kong observatory app, which gives you weather forecasts, alerts you if there is a thunderstorm on its way, lets you track typhoons in the vicinity, and even warns you if rain is coming to your current location.

Download My Observatory here


Google Maps

by Google, Inc

Finding your way around the streets of Hong Kong can be a challenge. There isn’t really a specific Hong kong map app I have found, but I constantly rely on Google maps to navigate the city – even though I have lived in Hong Kong for years.

Don’t look like a hapless tourist with your large Tourist Board map… blend in with the locals by walking along looking at your phone instead!

Download Google Maps here

OpenRice Hong Kong


Hong Kong’s most comprehensive dining guide brings you this Hong Kong food app, which includes over 40,000 restaurants and 600,000 reviews.

HK restaurant app

Search for Hong Kong restaurants by cuisine, district, restaurant type or price range. You can also bookmark restaurants for later, navigate to nearby eateries with GPS, share restaurant info via social media and even book online for some restaurants.

Download OpenRice Hong Kong here

HKG MyFlight

by Airport Authority Hong Kong

Another essential app for travel to Hong Kong, this Hong Kong airport app allows you to track your flight, gives baggage arrival information (useful if you are meeting someone from the airport), in addition to providing information about all the airport services: restaurants, shopping etc.

The HKIA app also provides information on transport to and from the airport and has a map of the airport.

Download HKG MyFlight here

Enjoy Hiking

by Agriculture, Fishing and Conservation Department

Most people associate Hong Kong with skyscrapers and busy bustling streets, but there are some incredibly beautiful Hong Kong hiking trails to be explored outside of the city centre.

HK Hiking app

Use this Hong Kong app to choose the type of hike you are interested in – Family Walk, Nature Trail, Country Trail or Long Trail, and find all the route information you need – Distance, Time, Difficulty, Starting Point, End Point and public transport access, plus of course a map of the hike.

Download Enjoy Hiking here


Hong Kong is in the throes of a long-term love affair with Starbucks and Pacific Coffee that just refuses to die. For serious coffee lovers, finding a decent barista-brewed coffee can sometimes be a challenge.

The Beanhunter app uses GPS to find your location and points you in the direction of the best coffee shops in your area.

You can read reviews from coffee gurus who have been there before you, and leave your own reviews for others. The best bit – no chain shops are included on the app. This is for independent, specialty shops only. Hurrah.

Download Beanhunter here

Hong Kong Disneyland App

If you are thinking about visiting Hong Kong Disneyland then you should definitely download the Hong Kong Disneyland app, which makes your visit much easier.

HK Disneyland app

This allows you to keep an eye on current queuing times at the various rides, see show times and character meet times, as well as viewing an online map.

You can read more about the HK Disney and all our Hong Kong Disneyland tips in our article: Tips for Visiting Hong Kong Disneyland

What do you think are the best Hong Kong apps out there? Let me know in the comments below!

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Best Hong Kong apps

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