mifold Booster Seat Review

Here we review the mifold Grab-and-Go booster seat, a revolutionary travel car booster seat. Our mifold booster seat review will look at how it works, how easy it is to use and how easy it is to travel with.

Mifold booster seat review

When we travel with the kids, we always take a portable car booster seat with us – we do a lot of travelling to and from airports in taxis or hotel cars and if we are on a city break, we usually take a taxi across town at some point.

So having a travel booster seat with us is essential for the safety of the kids.

But, I’ll be honest – they can be a pain to carry. We always used to travel with our Trunki BoostApaks, which are great as they double as backpacks – but they are heavy for the kids to carry (especially when loaded up with a water bottle, iPad for the plane and a couple of colouring books or toys) so I inevitably end up carrying both my kids backpacks, as well as my own bag.

So I can tell you that I was super excited to come across the newest folding booster seat on the block – the mifold Grab-and-Go car booster seat. For me, this promises to be the perfect portable booster seat for travel.

mifold Original grab-and-go Car Booster Seat, Slate Gray, Compact and Portable Booster for Travel, Carpooling and More, Foldable Child Booster Seat Fits into Glove Box and Backpack, Slate Grey

Disclaimer: Mum on the Move received mifold car booster seats for the purposes of writing this review. This in no way affected our review, and as always all opinions are honest, and our own.

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What is the mifold?

The mifold is a revolutionary travel booster car seat designed for children aged 4 years and above. The best thing about the mifold booster seat for travellers is that it is one tenth of the size of a regular booster seat, and folds up small enough to be able to fit into your handbag or child’s backpack.

You can see in the photo below, the difference in size between a regular booster seat and the mifold booster.

mifold booster seat

Parents with large families will also be pleased to hear that you can easily fit three mifold booster seats across the back seat, even in small cars.

This foldable car seat is available in six colours: Perfect Pink, Denim Blue, Lime Green, Slate Grey, Pearl Grey and Yellow Taxi.

Different mifold models

Since we first reviewed the mifold, they have introduced newer versions, namely the mifold hifold and the mifold comfort and the mifold sport. Here we take a quick look at the different versions:

mifold hifold

The mifold hifold is great if you are concerned about side impact protection in a booster seat. It is the world’s most adjustable high back booster and is suitable for kids aged 4 and up, between 40-100 pounds and 40-59 inches tall. It is regulated for global use, except Australia

This booster can be adjusted separately in 4 areas including, the seat width (3 settings), the body width (3 settings), the head width (3 settings) and the height (9 settings), meaning you can easily change it for different children or as your child grows.

mifold hifold fit-and-fold Highback Booster Seat, – Adjustable Narrow, Foldable Booster Car Seat for Everyday, Travel, Carpooling and More – Racing Red

The mifold hifold folds down to a compact size for storage and has a carry strap.

The folded dimensions are 14.6″ x 13.5″ x 10.7″ – so obviously not as compact as the mifold original. For this reason it is probably best suited for car pooling or taxis to somebody else’s house, rather than air travel for example. 

mifold comfort

The mifold comfort is similar to the original, just designed for comfort, with its comfortable “Compact Comfort” padded seat, updated shell design and anti-slip pads. 

New mifold Comfort Grab-and-go Car Booster Seat- 3X Thicker Cushion! Compact and Portable for Every Day and Carpooling, Travel, Taxis etc. Narrow and Lightweight car seat, Royal Purple

Like the original, it is designed for kids aged 4 and up, 40 to 100 lbs, and 40 to 57 inches tall.

mifold sport

The mifold sport is similar to the mifold comfort, but with a sport racing seat design and luxury leather-style seat pad. 

mifold Sport The Luxury Grabandgo car Booster seat Compact and Portable, Black

How does the mifold work?

Instead of lifting the child up like with a regular booster seat, the mifold brings the car seatbelt down so that the adult seatbelt correctly fits the child.

mifold car booster seat

Belt guides (adjustable to three sizes) on either side of the child’s hips holds the lap belt against the hip bones, and away from the stomach, while a third clip on an adjustable strap pulls the seatbelt chest strap down across the collarbone, and away from the face and neck.

Watch the following video to see in detail how the mifold works:

How safe is the mifold?

The mifold conforms to the most universally accepted global booster car seat regulations – European Union ECE R44.4; FMVSS 213 in the United States and the RSSR regulations in Canada.

Note that regulations do vary from country to country. In the US and Canada, the mifold is designed for children weighing 18-45kg and between 100-145cm tall. In Europe, the weight range is from 15kg up and until a height of 150cm.

Also note that the mifold does not conform to Australian car seat regulations. It is allowed to be used in the UK.

What do we think of the mifold?

I expected the mifold to be a little fiddly to set up – but in fact it took around a minute (yes, I timed it!) to get my daughter secured in the car with the mifold car seat.

mifold car booster seat

As this was the first time I had ever used it, this included adjusting the shoulder strap to the correct height, so I expect as I get used to using the mifold, it will become even easier and quicker. It was very simple, and my daughter said she was comfortable when using it.

Conclusion of our mifold review

I think the mifold fold up booster seat is a completely revolutionary travel product for travelling parents.

For full time use in the car at home, I will continue to use high-backed booster seats with side impact protection. However, when we are travelling with the kids, I will definitely be taking my mifold portable booster car seats with me from now on – for use in taxis and for airport transfers etc.

*Update* – we have used this on the go booster seat many times since I wrote this review – in taxis and for airport transfers and we still love it as much as we originally did!

mifold Original grab-and-go Car Booster Seat, Slate Gray, Compact and Portable Booster for Travel, Carpooling and More, Foldable Child Booster Seat Fits into Glove Box and Backpack, Slate Grey

Have you tried the new mifold Grab-and-Go car booster seat? What do you think of it?

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Mifold booster seat review


4 thoughts on “mifold Booster Seat Review”

  1. We just bought this for our trip to France next month. Hoping it works out! Now if they could just make a baby car seat that folds up to fit in my purse, I might die of happiness!

  2. This sounds great! Would come in useful for our next trip to Asia and like you say getting transfers. I can’t believe how small it folds up!

    • Yes it’s pretty impressive – I’ve heard people complain that it’s heavy but I really don’t think so, I can easily carry it in my handbag.

  3. Most of the CPSTs I’ve spoken with have serious concerns about the mifold for a few reasons. First, the belt is often held very low on the thighs in such a way that it may not properly restrain a child in an accident. Second, the fit seems to be very specific to each car and the angle of its seats; this booster is intended for travel use, so in most cases you wouldn’t be able to assess the quality of the fit-to-car in advance. Personally, I’ll stick with the bubblebum.


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