London Sightseeing with London Duck Tours

London is such a cool city with so many famous landmarks to spot that taking a tour is a great way to see them all. We had already done an open-top bus tour on a previous visit and so we were looking for another fun way of London sightseeing with kids.

London Duck Tours review

That’s how we came across the London Duck Tours – the only London sightseeing tour that allows you to see the sights from both the road and the river, without ever having to leave your seat! That’s because the ‘Ducks’ that you sit in are amphibious vehicles that work as both a bus and a boat! How cool is that?

Intrigued to learn more? Read on for our London Duck Tours review.

London Duck Tours

We met our Duck at the London Eye on South Bank and set off for our fun adventure. From the London Eye we made our way around many of the famous sights of central London, taking in Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and the refined streets around St James, such as Pall Mall.

Buckingham palace London sightseeing

What we really liked about our London Duck Tour versus the open top bus tour was the live commentary. Our guide was fun and interesting, telling jokes and anecdotes as we made our way around London. Additionally as we were a small group, it allowed for plenty of two-way interaction and questions were easily asked and answered.

The other fun thing about taking a London Duck Tour is that you become a bit of a tourist attraction yourself! The bright yellow amphibious vehicles are so distinctive that everybody stops and stares and takes your photo as you pass by. You almost feel like a celebrity!

Big Ben London sightseeing

Unfortunately traffic in London was pretty bad on the day of our tour and what was supposed to be a 75 minute tour turned into a 2-hour tour, which was starting to be a bit testing with two young children, as we spent long spells sitting in traffic. They soon cheered up when it was time to drive into the Thames though.

This was definitely the most exciting part of the tour – for both children and adults. What a weird feeling sitting in a bus as it drives straight into a river!

London Duck Tour

The boat touches down into the Thames next to MI6, which is pretty cool in itself. Although there isn’t a huge amount to see on the short stint on the Thames, we did really like getting up close to the Houses of Parliament from the river – a viewpoint you don’t often get the chance to see.

Houses of Parliament london sightseeing

From here it was just a short ride back to the London Eye where we ended our tour. If you are looking for a fun sightseeing tour in London with a difference, then I can definitely recommend London Duck Tours.

Click here to visit the London Duck Tours website to find out more.

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London Duck Tours review

Note: Mum on the Move were guests of London Duck Tours for the purposes of writing this review. As always, this in no way affected my review and all opinions are honest, and my own. 

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  1. Its been a year I’m in london and I always wanted to explore new tours with my kids and i found this London Duck Tour as an exciting this to try. Thanks for sharing this article with us. hope to make it soon.

  2. Thanks, MARIANNE!.
    A bus that works as a bus and a boat?. how amazing that is. Would definitely love to use them when in London. It is actually my first time hearing about it. Thanks for sharing your journey and helping me learn something new.


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