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My kids get so excited every time we head for the airport. There are the Trunki races up and down the airport, the promise of the iPad when they get on the plane, and of course the anticipation of the holiday that we are about to go on.

Simply for Flying logbookBut I often wonder how much of this they will remember. I’m pretty good at taking lots of photos of them, but they are still too young to keep a journal (I tried to do it for them following our holiday in Northern Queensland, but it took me hours and so that little project was never repeated again).

So this is where the Flight Logbook comes in – a little book to record all the flights they have taken. There are plenty of kids flight logbooks on the market, but one of the best and most personal I have seen is this one from Simply for Flying, and I was lucky to be sent a logbook for each of my children from Simply for Flying to review.

The Simply for Flying Logbook is simple, but beautifully presented. Each flight is awarded a double-page spread. On the left you record all the details of the flight: date, point of origin, destination, airline, flight number, plus some geeky details that I left blank for the crew to fill in: aircraft type, registration, flying time and distance.

Simply for flying logbook
There’s even a place on the page for the Captain to write and sign his name, which is pretty cool. Both our Captains ignored the space for comments, choosing to hand them over to the First Officer to fill in his details instead, but that’s ok! If you are going to hand over the book for the Captain to sign, make sure you remember to hand it over early on in the flight so the crew have plenty of time to make arrangements for you.

The other side of the double-page is left blank as a ‘Travel Journal’ for your children to fill in. As my kids are still only two years old and four years old, we used this space to draw a picture, or just stick in their boarding card. As they get older, they will be able to write a little report in here.

Simply for flying logbookThe logbook is about passport-sized (slightly thicker), making it easy to slip into your bag, without taking up valuable hand luggage space. There’s a map at the back to colour in and also a time zone chart, conversion tables and a little checklist of countries to tick off.


The Simply for Flying Logbook is a very sweet little keepsake item. My kids are very proud of theirs and love handing them over to the crew, and looking for the Captain’s signature when they are returned. It would make a lovely gift for a child who travels frequently.

Now my only problem is that I am under pressure not to forget to pack it on all our holidays!

The Simply for Flying Logbook also features in our Gift Ideas for Families who Travel guide. Visit the Simply for Flying website for more information.

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11 thoughts on “Product Review: Simply for Flying Logbook”

  1. This is so cool. I love the idea of having mementos the kids take a part in creating. It makes the trip more personal to them and they remember more about it.

  2. What a lovely idea. I tried my hardest to get my 8 & 9 year to complete a travel journey last summer but just weren’t into it. I think this might be worth a try with them as it looks more interactive.

  3. Such a cute idea and booklet! My daughter would love it: she is only 3 and she is very fond of drawing and notebooks in general: she keeps them jealously in her little purse – how amazing would it be to actually have one to keep and rediscover in years to come?

  4. This sounds so great! We always have our kids’ National Parks Passports with them, but we fly more often, to I want to do this. Thank you for sharing such a cool, ongoing travel souvenir!

  5. I wish i had one of these when I was growing up! We never took a lot of flights, but i’d always keep something random to remember them by. I had quite a stack of motion sickness bags….

  6. What a great idea! We have maps on the walls in the kids rooms with pins for all their travels. They love dreaming of new places as much as we do!

    Traveling with kids is so much fun to see it all from their perspective. I think some people forget that absolutely everything you are doing is new and wonderful for kids! Even riding the tram from one part of the airport to the other is great fun for the kiddos!! We travel with the kids and have since they were small. Now I focus on the educational aspect of the history and art, etc. of the destination but there was a time when we focused on the little things like transportation. There is so much to learn in just one trip. You take a car to the parking area. You take a bus to the terminal. You take a tram to the gate…moving sidewalks, taxis, trains, once we even took a hovercraft from Spain to Morocco. All of those are awesome cool for kids!!

    • I agree Natalie – so much to be learnt while traveling, for all of us! I plan to do the maps on the wall too for the kids – one day I’ll get round to it!!


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