Farming and Fishing Tour in Hoi An, Vietnam

Our farming and fishing tour in Hoi An Vietnam included a visit to Tra Que vegetable farm, riding water buffalo and bamboo basket boats.

Farming Fishing Tour Hoi An VietnamWe kicked off our Hoi An tour by cycling bikes through the paddy fields and taking in the rural scenes – conical hat wearing farmers tending to their crops and water buffalo ploughing the fields.

During a recent holiday in Hoi An, we joined a farming and fishing tour in Hoi An’s beautiful surrounding countryside.

Everybody told us we were crazy taking our 2-year old and 4-year old out on a 6-hour day tour in the full-on Vietnamese heat, but they couldn’t have been more wrong.

We had a blast, and it was an incredible experience for the kids, who loved every minute.

Our first stop was at the Tra Que Vegetable Village. This organic vegetable and herb farm is so beautifully presented, it is hard to believe it is a working farm that supplies much of Hoi An with its fresh produce.

Here, we learnt the traditional methods for planting and watering the vegetables, with everyone having a chance for some hands-on fun.

Farming fishing tour Hoi An VietnamMy 4-year old daughter loved learning to till the soil and plant the vegetables – while I had a bit of fun wielding a watering can! I hear there is a very good restaurant on site here too, where you can also do cooking classes.


From Tra Que Vegetable Village we cycled along palm-lined paths through the paddy fields, passing flocks of ducks scrabbling up muddy banks and water buffalo catching forty winks in the shade to reach our next stop – water buffalo riding!

My kids were beyond excited at the prospect of riding a water buffalo, and it didn’t disappoint – although I confess my thighs were sore for days afterwards from gripping on for dear life.

Farming fishing tour Hoi An VietnamOur brush with the farming life over, we joined a boat on the Cua Dai River for the fishing section of the tour.

First we learnt to paddle bamboo basket boats and take them for a ride along the secluded waterways, before meeting up with some local fishermen – an ancient husband and wife team who taught us to a few traditional net fishing techniques.

We were none of us very good – but it was certainly fun to give it a go.

Farming fishing tour in Hoi An VietnamOur tour ended with a delicious Vietnamese lunch on board the boat, cooked by our friendly crew, who also kept the kids entertained by making them some amazingly intricate creations from palm fronds.

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This family friendly tour in Hoi An is included it in our roundup of Things to Do in Hoi An with Kids. You can see more photos of this fun tour on our Facebook page.

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Mum on the Move went ‘undercover’ and paid for our own tour with Jack Trans EcoTours. As always all opinions in the review are honest, and our own.

17 thoughts on “Farming and Fishing Tour in Hoi An, Vietnam”

  1. Thanks Lindsey – Hoi An really is an amazing place, definitely one of my favourites! And yes the kids had a blast!

  2. Looks awesome – so educational, not to mention, fantastic for the children. 🙂 #MBPW

  3. Your trip proved very educational. Learning to paddle bamboo basket boats and traditional vegetable gardening seems like an interesting way to spend a trip.

  4. Marianne,

    What types of produce were they growing on the farm? Traditional Vietnamese produce? Anything we are used to seeing here? What was the most unusual thing growing there?


    • It was mainly herbs, salad and vegetables. Nothing particularly new to see in terms of produce, it was more about the experience 🙂

  5. Hi Marianne, I think, This resembles an extraordinary place to visit and it would appear that the youngsters truly delighted in the trek. BTW thanks for sharing.

  6. This looks truly amazing. I’m about to go to Vietnam later this year, and I’m trying to read up a bit before I go. Judging from these pictures I have a great time to look forward to 😉

    • Sorry for the late reply, I was traveling. I think they did have kids’ bikes but as ours were too young we opted for child seats.

  7. hi thanks for your sharing. I want to join this Farming and Fishing tour with my 6-year old. I’m concerned about the cycling part as my kid can’t ride a bike yet. Do you mind sharing how your 4-year old handled that part? The tour i’m looking at could provide scooter service, which means a local will have my kid on back of their scooter. I have been told the cycling part is about 45mins long. This gets me a bit concerned. it would be great if you could share further experience of yours. Thanks

    • Hi – they gave us bike seats for the kids, so they rode on the back of our bikes. It’s all along paddy fields and off-road paths, so not on the roads at all. I hope that helps! Have a great time!


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