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At Mum on the Move we believe that having kids doesn’t need to mean the end to adventurous traveling.

Our kids are just 6 and 4 years old, but already they have been bamboo rafting in China, snorkeling in Indonesia, kayaking with fireflies in the Philippines, climbing temples in Myanmar and walking the canopy walkways in Borneo.

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You will find lots of family travel guides to some of the best family destinations in Asia on Mum on the Move. But we also travel further afield, particularly to Australia and the United Kingdom.

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Having kids also doesn’t have to mean the end of luxury travel either. While we may agree to spend the night in a tent for the sake of adventure, you will usually find us checking into a hotel wherever we travel.

We particularly love beaches so you will find plenty of recommendations for beach resorts all over Asia. If you prefer city travel, we also have guides for city accommodation too.

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One of the things that can make travelling with kids so much easier is to have the right gear to help you.

We have spent hours researching and trying out different family travel gear to help you choose all the right travel products to make your travels with kids easier, from luggage to booster seats to travel pillows and more.

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